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Monday, November 13, 2006

Lying Low for a While

By the Liberal Arts Dude

OK it’s that time of the year again where I feel like I’ve said everything there is I ever wanted to say about being a Liberal Arts graduate—and then some. Much like the end of 2002 when I took the Liberal Arts Grad Web site offline, I am feeling plumb out of ideas as to what to write about. I’ve tackled job-hunting advice, book reviews, interviews, and even did some editorializing on current events and issues.

My schedule as a full-time worker and a part-time grad student is making it difficult for me to focus my mind and efforts on quality blog writing. I do most of my blogging in my free time and these days, my free time outside of work is taken up with homework, readings, and of course, juggling family life. I have practicum class, comprehensive exams in a couple of months, and a theses due right after that.

Much of the blogging I can spare the past few months have been primarily scouring the Internet and media for interesting articles, commenting briefly on them, and linking to them. Not exactly quality writing.

In any case, this is to announce that I am on hiatus writing anything with heavy substance at least until after my comp exams and theses. Once in a while when the mood hits I will post something substantive—but it won’t be on a regular basis such as before.

So right now consider the Liberal Arts Dude on hiatus except for brief flashes of insight. I will continue to post interesting news articles on a semi-regular basis.

The Liberal Arts Dude


Anonymous terry said...

Maybe you can use my story for something. I am a middle-aged liberal arts grad working in a convenience store earning my state minimum wage and still in student loan debt. I have ten years of student loan payments left and since my loans are in default, I cannot get any sort of financial aid to go back to school and get a marketable skill. Don't let this happen to you.;

3:03 PM

Blogger Liberal Arts Dude said...

Hi there

Please feel free to email me.

Liberal Arts Dude

6:56 AM


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