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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finally Graduated

Hello there!

To any readers remaining of the retired Liberal Arts Grad Blog I have some good news to share. I finally graduated from grad school last week and can now devote time once again for blogging. With graduation comes an evolution in what I want to write about. Since I feel I have exhausted what I want to say on career issues for Liberal Arts grads I decided to create a brand new blog that deals with my other passion -- politics and democratic partticipation for regular folks. Check out my new blog at:


So with this post I officially retire the Liberal Arts Grad blog. Many thanks to all who read and commented on the blog at some point in its run. I hope some of you will become readers of my new blog as well. I will still keep the archives of this blog online for any interested folks.

Best regards,
The Liberal Arts Dude


Blogger Lord said...

Nice Effort,
keep it up
Job-Hunt: Aims at helping the Fresh Graduates, Engineeers, MBA's to get jobs in good companies

9:35 PM

Anonymous theleftovers said...

So I just found this blog...which is funny because I recently started a blog for people who got some sort of liberal arts major and are now lost in the real world. But I'm really glad to see that you have survived, and graduated with a Master's. There's hope out there, then!

6:10 PM

Anonymous College of Liberal Arts – Grand Canyon University said...

Congratulations. Look forward to the new blog.

10:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really bummed... I just found your blog through an article in the Washington Post job section for entry level jobs for grads. I read it and I thought for a second that it was talking about me. I just graduated from a college university, majoring in sociology, and am having loads of trouble finding a job, just like it said you did. I'm sure I'll be looking through your previous posts for inspiration and glimmers hope.

6:50 PM

Anonymous לימודי משפטים said...

You are lucky congratulation. I have 3 more years to go on law school

1:04 AM


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